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Tynedale Roadstone Asphalt Production Newcastle upon Tyne - Barton North Yorkshire

The Tynedale Roadstone asphalt production plant located at Newburn Haugh Industrial Estate, Newcastle upon Tyne is capable of producing in excess of 2000 tonnes of material per day with a hot storage facility of over 200 tonnes, and the Barton Plant in North Yorkshire is capable of producing in excess of 1600 tonnes per day with a hot material storage facility of over 120 tonnes.

All materials can be collected or delivered from the Newburn and Barton production facilities.

Materials include:

  • Coated Macadams
  • Uncoated Aggregate
  • Asphalt Products
  • Proprietary Stone Mastic Asphalts
  • Pre-coated Chippings
  • HAPAS approved Thin Wearing Courses
  • Road Planings