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Clean Air Day 2021

Thursday, June 17 2021

Clean Air Day 17 June 2021 “Protect our children’s health from air pollution”.


Did you know that children are more vulnerable to the effects of air pollution? It impacts not only their health & well-being but also their ability to learn. The damage can start in the womb and carry on through to old age.

As our lives return to normal following the pandemic, we must take this opportunity to create a clean air environment where our children can grow, learn and play safely. We have a once in a lifetime chance for change. Let’s use it. 

Clean Air Day is a chance to learn more about air pollution, learn how to avoid it and discover the practical things that we can all do to cut local pollution.

Together we can all make a difference to our children's future.

Please visit and wise up about air pollution

Join us in pledging to combat the Country-wide air quality crisis for Clean Air Day. #environment #sustainability #health #cleanairday