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Dave Whitehouse - Celebrating 50 Years in the Quarrying and Asphalt Industry

Monday, July 31 2017

Today sees Tynedale Roadstone's Senior Technical Manager, Dave Whitehouse, celebrate 50 Years working in the Quarrying and Ashpalt Industry

Based at Tynedale Roadstones Barton plant near Scotch Corner, Dave oversees production, as the Senior Technical Manager.

In his own words below, Dave has plotted his career in the Asphalt and Quarrying Industry, with a selection of great photos

Congratulations Dave, from everyone at Tynedale Roadstone and The MGL Group

Dave Whitehouse  - 50 years in the Asphalt Industry

When I was 8 yrs. old I used to go to Newbridge Quarry Pickering on a Friday night with my dad to carry out maintenance on one of his Dumpers (which seemed massive at the time with a two foot steering wheel). Anyhow after this my treat was to sit on my dad’s knee and move up and back down the yard (probably first gear) holding the steering wheel, what a treat for a young boy.

As time went on my dad moved from internal driving to road vehicles as did many ex-Army drivers (probably 20-30 all ex green Howards who served under Major Chadwick). Anyhow, blacktop was in my blood by this point and when leaving school in 1967 I joined Hargreaves Quarries Ltd, where I was based at Spaunton Quarry Kirbymoorside under technical manager called Toom Meek (ex-Tarmac Wolverhampton) he was a very knowledgeable man who had a great influential role on  many in the industry.

I was a Technician carrying out duties from chemical analysis on aggregates; Flux and cut back oil distillation, lots of binder and stone physical testing for compliance and evaluation.

The period from 1967 -1979 was spent as a Technician based for periods at various quarries owned by Hargreaves,these were High Force Middleton-in-Teesdale, Black Quarry Leyburn, Haw Bank Quarry Skipton, Newbridge Quarry Pickering,  Spaunton  Quarry Kirbymoorside, Moota Quarry Cumbria.  During this time we built and supplied materials for the construction of 52 major By-Pass’s and resurfacing projects across the North of England. Roles involved nuclear density testing, surface textures –all methods, developments of polymer binders (both SBS and SBR) sulphurs additions during the late 1970s.Also during this period I took on further Education roles at Scarborough Technical college and Doncaster work study courses (now Derby DAPS).                                                                                         From 1979- 1981 I spent time training and learning Asphalt design with Doctor Sperling at Lower Sydenham College, Catford. This gave me a great platform to return to organise, construct and run a research and development centre for Blacktop materials at Pickering where we had 3 technicians carrying out various new and existing material development and testing.                                                                                                                                                                                1981-1983 I worked for W&J Glossop Ltd based in York as assistant production manager manufacturing and contracting thermoplastic markings across most counties in England, where I would find myself in Inverurie Scotland on a Monday and Monmouth on Wednesday, Norfolk on Friday, with manufacturing process still going on at the end of a phone.               

 1983-1995 I returned back to Hargreaves Quarries Ltd and was based in Hull for 10 yrs. My role was Area Technical Manager looking after the companies business for 7 quarries and coating plants, this also included site technical work with the construction leg (Hargreaves Highways).                                                                    

1995 -2005 RMC bought out Hargreaves and at this point I became Quality Assurance manager for the North and North East getting 14 plants to ISO 9001 certification. N.E.B.S.M. Management Certification.

2005-2014 After redundancy from CEMEX I was asked by Paul Allison to work for Sherburn Stone as Technical Manager for Asphalts and Aggregates (3 quarries) and Sherburn Construction, this included getting sector scheme 16.                                                                    

2014- Current - Sherburn were taken over and I moved to my current position of Senior Technical Manager for Tynedale Roadstone Ltd.

During the period of my working time in the industry I have enjoyed every day at work and still look forward to going to work (I think my veins must be filled with bitumen). Our family have been in the industry for approx. 130 + years including my Grandad, Dad, brother and myself .

Below are some photos of my grandad and also my dad and his dumper that I first drove.

Dave Whitehouse.